Position, fundamentals, and classical exercises

With students all over the country, Andrea maintains a full clinic schedule. All breeds, abilities and all levels of riders are welcome! The lessons are focused on position, honing fundamentals, and classical exercises to seek improvement, problem solve and move forward. Riders and auditors can expect an informative combination of classical theory paired with personalized instruction.

Day clinics are also a great way to gain consistent quality instruction while keeping costs reasonable and scheduling simple. Many clinics also piggyback several locations in order to keep travel costs low as well. Because Andrea believes that quality instruction and regular eyes on the ground is so important to achieving goals, she is willing to work with organizers to put together clinics that make sense for long-term success.

As a result of these clinics, many students have advanced several levels, earning USDF medals as well as Musical Freestyle bars as a result of consistent instruction, dedication, and clear homework.

Andrea has regular clinic locations in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, New York and New Jersey, as well as locations in the Midwest. For more information, or to schedule a clinic with Andrea, please contact her at or call (484)-459-9811 for her current schedule or organizer contact information.